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Posted ByTheresa on February 27, 2003 at 15:41:57:

Hi! I need help from Haviland Collectors in determining what to do with a large quantity of china that was once my husband's grandmother's. We have 175+ pieces of what we now believe are Haviland Limoges, Silver Anniversary pattern. I have identified as much as I can without actually ever consulting a collector's book. (I didn't know which one to buy.) We will be selling this set, as my husband is in the Military, and we are tired of seeing pieces chipped every 3 years in government moves. Also, the set is so large, we would never have an opportunity to actually use the full set. We are moving to Hawaii this summer, and hope to have found a home for it by then. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION! The set has two different decorator marks within the set. The green mark is always the same identified on this site as "Mark 1" but some pieces have the red/brown decorator mark of "Mark c" and some have a similar decorator mark with "Decorated By" written above it in English. (Is this Mark i?) There is a slight difference in some pieces between the two styles, most notably seen in the teacups to a closely watchful eye. Can someone explain this to me?

ALSO! I have several lovely soup bowls that were used, we believe, to complement the Silver Anniversary placesettings. This is backstamped as GDA Limoges, and has identified it as "GDA200" pattern, but I cannot find any information whatsoever on this pattern, nevermind finding any other pieces. I think it is very beautiful and would love to fill out a small set of placesettings, if it were ever possible.

FINALLY! I also have a lone little orphan piece of Haviland Limoges, that we also received with the Silver Anniversary set. It has a simple gold rim and a small gold thin circle in the center of the dish. I believe the piece I have is a berry bowl. It has a blue backstamp similar to "Mark g" on this site in blue. It is not the same, however. The font is a bit different and in the circle it reads "HAVILAND + Co (Dot under the "o") + LIMOGES" and it also has a green mark that most closely resembles "Mark f" but the font is a bit different, and there is a dot under the "o" of Co. that doesn't seem present in the sample marked "Mark f". Does this mean it is a knock-off? I am interested in finding a home for this little piece as well.

I HAVE CLEAR PICTURES AVAILABLE by email for all of the sets above mentioned to include pictures of backstamps. I also have a fairly decent picture of the two slightly different decorations on the two "versions?" of the Silver Anniversary pattern with the two different decorator marks.

I am, I am afraid, ignorant in these matters, and any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated! Email me for pics if it would help for you to understand my questions! Thank you so, so much!


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