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It all started when I obtained my Great-Grandmother's Haviland Schleiger 42E china set and in the process of getting it shipped out to me, 3 platters were broken.  So I combed the Internet and many dealers for many months before I finally found  and replaced them. But in so doing, I noticed very few places to get all the Haviland information, so I built a "Links" page for others who had the same questions. I finally found Dona Schleiger ( all the Schleiger Haviland identification books www.schleigerbooks.com) after purchasing some of their books on E-bay, bought all the books, and eventually got carried away again and bought a set of Silver Anniversary (at a consignment shop). Well, I had to take pictures for insurance, I knew digital cameras, and web page design, so I took a weekend and added a second page to the Haviland Resources called " Sample Pieces".   This was because I was forever explaining to the people on E-bay- what size I wanted for fruit/bread/salad, etc. I used info from my own collection ( Haviland and Co- 42E and 19), other Haviland books, and other vendors  to come up with many of the "sample pieces".   And of course, it is continuing to grow from there.

A Friend of mine has said, " You can never be too rich, too thin, or have Too much Haviland....."

Haviland Silver Anniversary-Click for larger pictureHaviland Schleiger 42E-Click for larger Image



Haviland Schleiger 42E Plate              Schleiger 42E Backplate      Haviland Silver Anniversary(#19)

Schleiger 42E-Click for Larger Image Haviland and Co. Logo on Silver Anniversary- click for Larger Click for Larger Image

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