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Sample Pattern Pieces 

(These are approximate and are shown in the Silver Anniversary pattern and may be different in your pattern, as each blank is different. This is just a rough guide for the basic pieces to aid in identification.)

A Normal set around the turn of the century would be twelve each of tea cups and saucers, bread and butter plates, dinner plates, soups, butter pats, sauce/fruit bowls and twelve serving pieces ( for 100 pieces).


Get a Generic Sample Pieces FORM and Also an Excel Spreadsheet 

(Be patient- pictures will take some time to load)

PLATES:  Plates included the following (approximates sizes given):
Plates-Dinner,Luncheon,Salad,Bread- Click for Larger Image
Dinner plates 9 1/2 inches

(Rimmed plate is shown)

Dinner-Click for larger image
Luncheon plates 8 1/2 inches

(Rimmed plate is shown)

Luncheon-Click for larger image
Salad plates 7 1/2 inches 

(Rimmed plate is shown)

Salad-Click for larger image
Bread and Butter Plates 6 1/2 inches

(Rimmed plate is shown)

Bread-Click for larger image
Bun/Roll/Biscuit Plate (Individual) 5 inches Click for Larger Image
Butter pats (also known as 
Butter Chips)
3 inches (Coupe shape is  shown, also available is Deep - 2 7/8")
(shown with quarter to get perspective)
Butter Pat- Click for Larger Image
Cups can be many different sizes, even in the same pattern (i.e. tea size, coffee size, etc.). Measure before you buy! (I am using the Ranson Project from HCIF as a guide )
Turkish Cup 1 7/8" D, 2 " tall  
2nd After Dinner (called 2nd A.D)
(could also be called demitasse)
2 3/16"D, 2 7/8" tall  2nd AD-Click for larger image
1st After Dinner or Short Chocolate (called 1st A.D.) 2 3/8"D, 2 1/2" tall    
Tea Cup (in Silver Anniversary) 3 3/8 inches D, 2" tall, saucer 5 1/2 inch
(not all saucers for cups have a cup rim in the center 1)
Cup-Click for larger image
Extra Tea of Coffee Cup  3 3/4"D, 2 1/2" tall  
Breakfast or Master Coffee (also called Mustache)  4 1/8"D, 2 3/8" tall  
Bowls-Veg,Soup, Fruit-Click for larger image
Vegetable ___ Round __ Oval or

                   __ Footed Round

Round shown here 
( 9  1/4 inches)
Vegatable-Click for larger image
Soup Bowls __ Coupe or __ Rimmed about 7 1/2 inches (Coupe shown)

Rim has a definitive bowl with a flatter rim top. Coupe shape has no specific "Rim" on the top.

Soup-Click for larger image

Coupe shape

Sauce/Fruit Bowls about 5 inches Fruit-Click for larger image
Platter, large 16 inches -shown Platters-16,12,Celery-Click to enlarge16,12,8
Platter, medium 14 inches (not shown)
Platter, small 12 inches- shown
Relish plate 8-9 inches-shown Click for larger Image

14 inch, 11 3/4 inch and 8 inch relish

Jug Usually very tall not shown
Butter dish with cover

(three pieces-for butter to drip)

Butter-Inside-Click for larger image Butter-Click for larger image
Cake Plate, with handle 10 7/8 inches (10 inches without handles) Click for larger Image
Covered Vegetable, Oval not shown
Covered Vegetable, Round  8 3/4 inches Covered Round-Click for larger image
Creamer varies by pattern Creamer-Click for larger image
Gravy Boat With or without a tray (scalloped or smooth) Gravy-Click for larger image
Sugar with Lid varies by pattern Sugar-Click for larger image
Bouillon cups  Has two handles, and saucer (not pictured) Bouilion-Click for larger image
Celery Tray 12" by 5 1/2", 1 3/4" tall not shown
Ramekin & saucer about 3 1/2 inches-Small round, squat open sauce dishes with their own plate (for Custard). Underside is unglazed (to be used in the oven)

Note that the saucer has a large rim to hold the ramekin.

Ramekin - Click for Larger ImageRamekin and Saucer- click for Larger Image
Bone dish 6 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches (approx.) Click for Larger Image
Teapot Usually short and squat  not shown
Coffee Pot Usually has a very long spout   not shown
Chocolate Pot Usually only has a very short beak  at the top-Shown in 42E Chocolate in 42E-Click for larger image
Relish, pickle 8 1/2" by 5"- not shown
Waste bowls 6 inches diameter by 2-3 inches with a narrower base Click for Larger Image
Chop Plates Round and 12 1/2" inches  in diameter Click for Larger Image
Ice Relish  or Nappy Bowl A  basically round shaped bowl.  It has one "handle"   Just a little serving bowl.

Can be 6 3/4" or 8 3/4"

 Ice Relish- Click for a Larger Image

 Grandmother's Haviland by Harriet Young, Wallace-Homestead Book Co., Des Moines, Iowa,1970.

 2   The Ranson Blank of Haviland Co. France, An Identification Guide  published by the Haviland Collectors Internationale Education Foundation, June, 2000

 3   Thanks to Arthur Levin for Chop and Cake plate pics.

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Get a Generic Sample Pieces FORM and Also an Excel Spreadsheet 

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