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BACKGROUND on Haviland China

Haviland Online FAQ for Haviland China               

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   Identification of Haviland China Patterns

  • Click here for Pattern Pictures
  • There are 30,000 to 60,000 patterns of Haviland and Co, Charles Field Haviland, Johann Haviland and Theodore Haviland Limoge china.  
  • An online way  to search out a pattern name is to look on E-bay- Haviland category  and do a search on "Haviland Schleiger"  and many of the more common patterns will be listed.  You can also contact the Haviland Dealers found through the Haviland Collectors International Foundation (www.havilandcollectors.com) to aid in identifying your pattern or use the Schleiger books   
  •  What is a Schleiger Number? This is the identification system used by Haviland Dealers due to the large number of patterns of Haviland China. Follow the link for a better explanation.

    The books by the Schleiger family  are the identifying sourcebook for patterns (black and white drawings). These are where all the "Schleiger" identification system of the 60,000 Haviland patterns came from.  The later the book edition, the more current the identification.

  1.   Hints: To match the Schleiger book picture, pick a Cup Saucer and match that. Also there may be 6-12 variations of  your pattern, so look at more than one saucer to match the pattern.

  • What is a blank?- The Haviland China Limoges plain whiteware comes in several dozen different shapes. To help with identification, blanks have been numbered in the Schleiger system.  Plain blanks were also sold for people to paint their own china at home.

  • Star Blank (Blank #5) list of pieces sold in early 1900's.

  • Torse Blank  vs. Cannele Blank -Think of the H& Co. Cannele Droit as "Straight Fluted", and the Schleiger #413- Torse as "Twist"

  • Other Haviland and Limoges books are listed on our Book Page

Background        Identification      Sample Pieces & Form       Links for Finding    For Sale

Links For Finding Haviland China

Background        Identification      Sample Pieces & Form            Links for Finding   For Sale

        Haviland Schleiger 42E Plate

      Silver Anniversary

      Schleiger 42E Backmark

      Schleiger 42E- Click for Larger Image Click for Large Image of Silver Anniversary Haviland and Co. Logo on Schleiger 42E- click for Larger Image


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