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A.  Haviland Only books
1 Haviland China: The Age of Elegance (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Rev. 3nd edition Nora Travis 2004,Schiffer books
2 Evolution of Haviland China Design (Schiffer Book for Collectors), Nora Travis. 2000,Schiffer books
3-8 200 Patterns of Haviland China, Volumes I-VI, by Schleiger
9 Handbook for Identifying Haviland China, Blanks-Gold Trims. Cup Shapes by Schleiger
10 Haviland *    (For Sale)
         Collectables & Objects of Art
         Mary Frank Gaston
         Collector Books, Paducah, KY 1984
11 Haviland *   (For Sale)
         Jean d'Albis
         Dessain et Tolra. Paris 1988
12 Grandmother's Haviland *     (For Sale)
         Harriet Young
         Wallace Homestead Book Co. Des Moines, Iowa 1970
13-14 Haviland China Volume One *   (For Sale)
 Haviland China Volume Two *
         Gertrude Tatnall Jacobson
         Wallace Homestead Book Co., Des Moines, Iowa, 1979
15 Haviland-Limoges*, China Classics II   (For Sale)
         Serry Wood
         Century House. Watkins Glen, N.Y. 1951
16 Celebrating 150 Years of Haviland China 1842-1992
Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation
17 Charles Field Haviland China Identification Guide, Book 1
Margaret G. Head
Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation
18 Dining with Flowers: Haviland Porcelain 1860-1910
 Catalog of the 2000 Iowa City exhibit, HCIF, text Robert A. Rorex, Ph.D
19 1875/1879 Haviland Catalog
 Photostat copy of original catalog, 52 pages, HCIF
20 1891 Haviland Catalog
 Photostat copy of original catalog, 95 pages, HCIF
21 The Ranson Blank -- An Identification Guide
B/W photos, 100+pieces, history of Ranson Blank,HCIF
22 Retailer and User Backmarks of the Haviland
 Companies (B/W samples of over 700 retailer marks,
retailer list, Haviland marks, 124 pages, HCIF
B. Sandoz Books
23 Les Créations en Porcelaine de Limoges d'Edouard Marcel Sandoz*
         Jean-Claude Segonds    
         Italy:    Hume 1995
24 Édouard Marcel Sandoz. Sculpteur,figuriste et animalier, 1881 - 1971. *
Catalogue raisonné de l' oeuvre sculpté. ;Paris, 1993. toile or. 574 p
Felix Marcilhac
25 Decouvrir Sandoz* by Anne Lajoix
26 Edouard Marcel Sandoz, de La Scultpure a La Porcelaine
 by Musee National de Porcelaine Adrien Dubouche, 1999
C. Books including Haviland
27 La porcelaine de Limoges *
         Jean d'Albis
ISBN:2858890250, 1982
28  The Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, 3nd revised edition
         Mary Frank Gaston
         Collectors Books, Paducah, KY 2000
29 Distinctive Limoges Porcelain: Objets d'Art, Boxes, and Dinnerware
                     by Keith Waterbrook-Clyde, Thomas Waterbrook Clyde, Keith, Waterbrook-c, Thomas
30 The Decorative Art of Limoges Porcelain &Boxes
                    Keith & Thomas Waterbrook Clyde 1999
31 Official White House China 1789 to the Present 2nd edition
        Margaret Brown Klapthor     
         Harry N. Abrams. New York 1999
32 White House China*
         Marian Klamkin
         Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York 1972
33 Chefs-d'oeuvre de la Porcelain de Limoges*.
   Paris, Editions de la Reunion des Musees Nationaux, 1996. 350pp.
34 Porcelaine de Limoges, EdithMannoni *, Massin Editeur 1994 (in French)
35 La Ceramique Impressionniste *- Article
                        in L'Oeil, Feb. 1974 by J. d'Albis
36 La porcelaine artisanale*
         Jean d'Albis
published by Dessain & Tolra in Paris in 1975.
37 Cahiers de la Ceramique du Verre et des Art du Feu, #41.*
38 Cahiers de la Ceramique du Verre et des Art du Feu, #13 * and supplemental.
    Article on Haviland, about 1959.
39  Living With Limoges Debby DuBay, Fall 2001, Schiffer Books
Note: Any HCIF publications can be obtained at the Haviland Collectors Internationale Foundation at www.havilandcollectors.com


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