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      Haviland Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ):

    Does Haviland Contain Lead?

    The glaze on all French Limoges porcelain is basically pure white feldspar, albite.  No lead salts have been added nor does the decoration applied over the glaze have any lead (which is colorless). So it does NOT contain any Lead.

     Mexican pottery is about the only ceramic substance that Americans need to be concerned about for lead content...it sometimes uses a salt (low-melting lead nitrate) glaze instead of feldspar.  The low melt-temperature glaze allows it to be applied in craft shop fire places instead of kilns.

Can I wash Haviland in the Dishwasher?

I do know of people that do put Haviland  in the dishwasher (I am talking about antique Haviland produced before 1931- see our Backmark section to determine the age) , but I would not put any that has Gold decoration in the dishwasher- always use a dishwasher soap without LEMON as Lemon, being acidic, is probably not good for older more fragile dishes.

How do I get marks, spots or gummy labels such as price tags off my precious Haviland?

You can use soap such as Joy and it will get most stains off. You can also soak it for a time and it will help. For the stubborn stains, I use a dilution of Prell shampoo. I also use Un-Du (which the smaller version has a nice plastic scraper) and Goo-Gone to get the price tag,  sticky labels or gummy residue off Haviland plates, etc. Both can be found in the major hardware and some grocery stores.


My Haviland has a chip, crack- is it worth anything?

Rarely is it worth anything as most collectors prefer pristine condition. It is worth more only if it is a very very rare pattern or rare piece of china such as a pancake server, that someone is just itching to own. 

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