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Haviland Happenings


  1. New update of Haviland - the Age of Elegance, Nora Travis book
  2. eBay Haviland category is eliminated. They are using  Item Specifics.
  3. Cathy gave a talk at Fullerton Museum- “Collecting- Got to Have it- Using the Internet”


  1. There is a new 3rd edition update of the book “Haviland - the Age of Elegance” , by Nora Travis  out. ISBN: 076432036X. According to Nora, it includes an index of Patterns such as in the “Evolution of Haviland China Design”, and some corrections.
  2. At eBay, there is no longer a Haviland category, so no more browsing “Haviland”. The category is Pottery and Porcelain.  eBay has gone to what is called  “Item Specifics”  which tries to categorize each item. What this seems to have done is cut down on the browsing, so each foray into Haviland must be a specific search.  Sellers are frantically trying to re-write all their auctions, so things are in a state of flux.
  3. Cathy Margolin, owner of, gave a talk on eBay at Assoc. of Information Technology Professionals in May, at Fullerton Museum on June 26th- “Collecting- Got to Have it- Using the Internet”  and again at Oasis Senior PC Club on July 14th.

Happy Haviland-ing!


 October 2000

Haviland Happenings- Haviland Online Monthly News-October 2000

We, at, want to keep you informed of Haviland Happenings:

1. New Haviland China Chat is up and running

2. Haviland Reference book list available

3. Pattern Page broken into French and Theodore Haviland

4. New Books- Third Edition Gaston book & second Nora Travis book

1. Haviland China Chat is a message board where you can put your "Wants", Orphan requests (for that missing lid), or just request information. Other readers can reply and help you or offer suggestions. (No SPAM or For Sale Items please).

2. A list of Haviland Reference books is available, including Current, Out-of-print and French Haviland books so you can research that great new Ebay buy! Actually some are hard to find, but it at least gives you a source to find what books are considered related to Haviland china.

3. The Pattern Page (yes, please be patient in loading this page, it has lots of pictures) is now broken into sections of Schleiger numbers, Named patterns and Theodore Haviland patterns. Keep checking back as it grows...

4. New books- Mary Gaston published a new "Third Edition of Collectors Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain" which is twice the size of the old Second edition. Nora Travis published a new book this spring called, "Evolution of Haviland China Design", which is a must for Haviland collectors.

I hope you enjoy this new Monthly newsletter. The Haviland Online website tries to keep you up with Haviland Happenings.



Cathy Grammer-Margolin

    A Friend of mine has said, " You can never be too rich, too thin, or have Too much Haviland....."

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